We're the ducks that #StandWithUkraine.

Welcome to Quack Hosting, the home of awesome hosting services.
We offer web hosting and reseller products alongside a handful of other services.

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What's included?

All of our plans obviously come packed with features, but here's some of our prime focuses and features that are included with our services.

Powerful Panels

We utilize fast & easy-to-use control panels such as DirectAdmin and cPanel to provide a great hosting experience.

Free Support

We provide daily support from 9AM to 7PM GMT. This ranges from technical to billing support with anything you need help with.

Affordable Pricing

We strive to provide affordable and competitive pricing for all our services as well as creating a sustainable service.

DDoS Protection

All our services and line-ups include best effort DDoS protection to attempt to fend of unwanted traffic and attacks.

Weekly Backups

Services like DirectAdmin Hosting include free weekly backups to a remote destination within Europe, which are all restorable.

Performance Factoring

We attempt to provide great performance for the price you pay, we are always attempting to work to improve loads and page speed.

Our Products

Here's all our current product ranges, click on each card to view more information and plans in regards to the product range.

Confused yet?

If you have any questions, concerns or simply want to get an awesome self-acclaimed duck fact, you can contact us.

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Email us on hello@quackweb.co.uk.
You can find us on Discord or Telegram.

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