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The uses which are acceptable.

Here's all those nitty-gritty guidelines that you need to follow to ensure everyone using our services have a great time.

Legal policies / Acceptable use policy


Whilst registering, you should've read this acceptable usage policy. You should've also read this policy before making an order via our billing portal.

Any abuse relating to this policy will result in suspension of the account who has done so. Limits are per day per account, not per reseller account or per month, we aren't monsters (unfortunately). 

If you have any questions in regards to our policies please contact us.

Fair usages of services and products
Unit per day Description
20GB Bandwidth Applies to all users with more than 10GB of bandwidth per month.
10GB Storage Applies to all users that have more than 10GB allocated to their plan.

We offer many different tiers of plans, these include ones with unlimited resources. The above is what we allow and do not allow on daily usage. This policy refers more to web hosting services, rather than file hosting services.

Relaxed Fair Usage policy
Unit per day Description
100GB Bandwidth Applies to all users with more than 20GB of bandwidth per month.
30GB Storage Applies to all users that have more than 10GB allocated to their plan.

This policy refers to those who have bought the "Relaxed AUP" addon or similar service. Same information applies as annoted above.

Storage Disclaimer

'Unlimited', 'Unrestricted' and 'Infinite' disk or bandwidth doesn't mean you can host large files on our servers, web hosting and resellers are made for hosting websites, blogs and forums. Not large websites that exceed our FUP/AUP. 

Any unlimited plan includes a soft limit (usually 75GB-150GB) - you can get this extended by contacting support via our billing software once you've reached / are close to the limit.

Understandably, some websites can be larger than others - especially with forums or blogs. Due to this, we usually utilize the AUP as a light outline of the rules you should be following whilst hosting with us. If you plan on accumulating a lot of disk or bandwidth space, it's best to contact us first.

We reserve the right to suspend sites and accounts that exceed large sums of disk space for a fair reason and reserve the right of choice to contact them regarding it.

Bandwidth Disclaimer

Even though most of our servers bandwidth limits are classed as 'unmetered', we still reserve the right to limit you on how much you use as per our AUP / FUP (Fair Use Policy).

If you were to exceed the bandwidth limit of 20GB/account/day or to accumulate over 100GB of bandwidth usage per month, we reserve the rights to investigate the account to ensure the account isn't being used for any fraudulent, unlawful or activity that goes against our terms of service. Usually, the client will be contacted first before this investigation is opened and takes place.

We may request a report from the owner of the service or the reseller & if the user/reseller failed to send the report within 7 days, we shall terminate the account.

Provided Contacts

Primary Contact Email: hello@quackweb.co.uk
Abuse Contact Email: abuse@quackweb.co.uk

Primary Contact Number: +44 7598 901580

Document Information

This document was last updated on the 22nd of June 2022.

Should you have any enquires about this document, please contact us using the contact information provided in the above section.