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Learn more about our DirectAdmin lineup, which is super affordable and made for absolutely anyone to start a website or business with.

all of this, with your service.

All of our plans obviously come packed with features, but here's some of our prime focuses and features that are included with our services.


We strive to provide affordable and competitive pricing for all our services as well as creating a sustainable service.

DDoS Protection

All our services and line-ups include best effort DDoS protection to attempt to fend of unwanted traffic and attacks.

Weekly Backups

DirectAdmin Hosting include free weekly backups to a remote destination within Europe, which are all restorable.

But why choose us?

Quack Hosting aims to provide an awesome experience for a really affordable price tag, offering a budget service with lots of different features that will help you get your business online.

It is possible to get your business started online within 30 minutes, from grabbing one of our affordable DirectAdmin Reseller plans and setting up your website on the host server.

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Unmetered Reselling

Whitelabel Hosting

Overselling Enabled

Information based and supplied from reviews and site information. Comparisons are being made on the first available plan.

The Plans

We offer a small group of plans that can help optimize your web hosting business in minutes, super affordable and easy-to-use. You can click on each plan to proceed to the about pages.

Plan Add-ons

Want to boost your plan & add other services on top of it? Here are all the current add-ons available which are on sale.
(The following plans apart from 'Daily Backups' and 'Ticket Priority Attention' are offered to resellers only.)

Add-on Service Price (per month)
Extra Protected IP Address 1.50 EUR
Reseller SSH Access 4 EUR
Daily Backups 1 EUR
Private Backup Box 4 EUR
Ticket Priority Attention 1.50 EUR

Once the plan upgrade has been added to your service, it will be billed each month at the same time as your service. These additional add-ons are pro-rata'd to your service's due date.